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Vaziri, M.R., Salimi, M., Mashayekhi, M., “A new calibration method for ductile fracture models as chip separation criteria in machining”, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, Vol. 18, pp. 1286–1296, 2010.


Several leading commercial FEM codes offer a number of fracture options without giving any guidance to the users in determining the fracture parameters for different materials. A modification is implemented to Johnson and Cook’s calibration method to provide simultaneous consideration of both active failure mechanisms in actual domain of the field variables. Application of FE simulation of machining to accumulate damage is the key point to solve problems of available calibration method. As a result, a new set of fracture constants is presented for AISI 1045 steel. It is demonstrated that due to different failure mechanism a unique fracture model cannot be the representative of crack generation in all machining zone. Then the classical Lagrangian simulation is modified based on this concept.



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