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Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students

  • Sasan Khalaj, Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Biodegradable Polymeric stents (Co-supervised by Dr. Mosadegh), Year: Sept. 2013 - Feb. 2021.
  • Mahdi Javadinejad, Modeling of carbon nanotube reinforced epoxy nanocomposite by Multi-scale method, Year: Feb. 2014- Feb. 2019.
  • Ahmad Amiri Rad, Fatigue life prediction of wind turbine rotor blade composites under loadings of varying amplitudes, Year: Sept. 2011- Nov. 2016.
  • Hojat Badnava, A non-local implicit gradient-enhanced model for thermomechanical behavior of shape memory alloys (Co-supervised by Dr. Kadkhodaei), Sept. 2011- Jan. 2016.
  • Maedeh Ranjbar, The finite cell method applied to nonlocal damage mechanics, Year: Sept. 2008-Present.
  • Mohammad Reza Vaziri, Evaluation of Material Constitutive Models and Development of Damage Model in Orthogonal Machining Process (Co-supervised by Dr. Salimi), Year: Sept. 2006- Feb. 2010.


Master Students

  • Sayyed Mohammad Rad, Modeling of Short Fiber Composites Behavior under Tensile Loading by Damage Mechanics, Year:  Sept. 2018- Jun. 2021.
  • Erfan Sharifi, Agglomeration modeling of Carbon nanotube reinforced epoxy composite to estimate strength and toughness, Year:  Sept. 2017- Jun. 2020.
  • Mohammad Mahdi Nasajpour, Simulation of Production process of Seamless Pipes by Mannesmann method with Continuum damage mechanics Approach, Year:  Sept. 2016- Jun. 2019.
  • Sajjad Ganjizadeh, Finite Element Analysis for Fatigue Loading of Hybrid Material Using Damage Mechanics, Year:  Sept. 2016- Jun. 2019.
  • Amir Kamali, Estimation of fatigue lifetime for Stainless Steel 316 produced by SLM method using continuum damage mechanics (Co-supervised by Dr. Foroozmehr), Year:  Sept. 2016- Jun. 2019.
  • Hamed SanatgarDesign and Manufacture of a Biaxial Tension Testing Machine (Co-supervised by Dr. Mosadegh), Year:  Sept. 2016- Jun. 2019.
  • Saeed Abbasi-Rad, Finite Element Simulation of Biodegradable Polymer Stent Degradation Caused by Blood Flow Stresses, Year:  Sept. 2015- Jun. 2018.
  • Mahdi Tavafoghi, Predicting Polymeric Stent’s Life-Time with Damage Mechanics, Year:  Sept. 2015- Jun. 2018.
  • Mohammad Mousavion, Implementation of Phase-Field Method for Brittle Fracture And Its Application to Porous Structures, Year:  Sept. 2015- Jan. 2018.
  • Sepide Aghajani, Life Prediction Of wind Turbine Blades Using Multi-scale Damage Model, Year: Sept. 2014- Mar. 2018.
  • Saeid Mashouri, Implementation of Cohesive Models for Delamination Analysis of Sandwich Panels, Year: Sept. 2014- Jan. 2017.
  • Ali Manian, Implementation of Brittle Damage Model by Isogeometric Analysis Approach for 2D Problems, Year: Sept. 2014- Jun. 2017.
  • Ali Salehi Nasab, Anisotropic Damage Effect on Large Plastic Deformations and Its Application to Metal Forming, Year: Sept. 2014- May. 2017.
  • Ebrahim Setareh, Force and Stress Analysis of Femur and Cartilage in Perthes Disease, Year: Sept. 2013- Jan. 2016.
  • Mojtaba Khaleghi, Modeling of Thermoforming Process of HIPS Polymer, Year: Sept. 2012- Jan. 2015.
  • Hamid Ghaderi, Stress Analysis of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Blade Considering the Interaction of Fluid and Structure, Year: Sept. 2012- Jan. 2015.
  • Ali Alirezaei, Experimental Analysis of Composite Materials using Laser Cladding Procces and Calculation of Stress and Temperature Fields by Finite Element Method (Co-supervised by Dr. Badrossamay), Year: Sept. 2012- Jan. 2015.
  • Sara Iraji, Three-Dimensional Finite Element Simulation and Experimental Analysis FDM Process in Order to Control Residual Stress and Distortion of Products (Co-supervised by Dr. Badrossamay), Year: Sept. 2012- Jan. 2015.
  • Amir Hosein Mehdizadeh, Lifetime Prediction under High Cycle Fatigue Loading using Finite Element Method based on Continuum Damage Mechanics, Year: Sept. 2011- Oct. 2014.
  • Amir Hosein Hadadgar, Implementation of Ductile Damage Model with Crack Closure Effect by Finite Element and Finite Cell Methods, Year: Sept. 2011- Feb. 2014.
  • Sadegh ghorbanhosseini, Implementation of Ductile-Brittle Damage model for cyclic loading in Al 2024, Year: Sept. 2011- Feb. 2014.
  • Peyman Soltani, Simulation of Ultrasonic Waves Generated by Laser and Evaluation of Laser Parameters Effects on Ultrasonic Waves (Co-supervised by Dr. Badrossamay), Year: Sept. 2010- Oct. 2012.
  • Negar Akbarian, Implementation of Low Cycle Fatigue Damage with Isotropic and Kinematic Hardening, Year: Sept. 2010- Oct. 2012.
  • Hasan Arouni, Investigation of Forward Slip in Rolling and Its Effect on Rolled Rod Process, Year: Sept. 2010- Oct. 2013.
  • Mohammad Yazdani Ariatapeh, Pridiction of All-Steel Cylinder Fracture in Impact by Damage Mechanic Approach, Year: Sept. 2009- Oct. 2011.
  • Mahdi Adineh, Fatigue Life of a Pipeline Subjected to Cyclic Internal Pressure, Year: Sept. 2009- Oct. 2011.
  • Ali Hosseinpour, FEM Simulation of Mill Strech Curve and Parameter Investigation, Year: Sept. 2008- Feb. 2011.
  • Neda Latifi, Micro-Plane Modeling and Finite Element Analysis of Nonlocal Damage (Co-supervised by Dr. Kadkhodaei), Year: Sept. 2008- Feb. 2011.
  • Meisam Asgari, Damage Modeling of Quasi-Brittle Materials with Micro-Plane Theory (Co-supervised by Dr. Kadkhodaei), Year: Sept. 2008- Feb. 2011.
  • Adel Shams, Implementation of Nonlocal Ductile Damage Model and Its Application in Orthogonal Cutting Process, Year: Sept. 2008- Feb. 2011.
  • Saeed Masih, Investigation of Low Cycle Fatigue Damage of Al 7075-T6 by Experimental and Numerical Methods, Year: Sept. 2008- Feb. 2011.
  • Reza Pourmodheji, Continuum Damage Mechanics Analysis using Extended Finite Element Method, Year: Sept. 2008- Feb. 2011.
  • Hadi Hedayati, Effect of Welding Sequence and Hydrotest Process on Welding Residual Stresses in SUS304 Stainless Steel Pipes, Year: Sept. 2007- Feb. 2010.
  • Majid Hamid, Modeling High Cycle Fatigue Failure Using Continuum Damage Mechanics, Year: Sept. 2007- Feb. 2010.
  • Hossein Shaarbaf, Micromechanical Modeling of Multi Phase Metals Using a Crystal Plasticity Model, Year: Sept. 2007- Feb. 2010.

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