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S. Khalaj, M. Mashayekhi, E. Shahnooshi, M. Tavafoghi, P. Mosaddegh, "Biodegradable performance of PLA stents affected by geometrical parameters: The risk of fracture and fragment separation", Journal of Biomechanics, 122, PP. 110489, 2021


Biodegradable endovascular stents have been claimed to be reliable candidates for implantation devices used in treating cardiovascular diseases since they reduce the long-term side effects on the human biological system. It is aimed in this study to investigate the effect of geometrical parameters on the degradation behavior of poly (lactic acid) stents in term of strut fracture and fragment separation. In this regard, various structural geometry of the PLA stents was simulated in a stenosed artery using finite element method. For predicting the PLA degradation, a computational model was prepared by which the influence of stents design on their radial strength and fracture was investigated. Using a laboratory-scale designed bioreactor, the PLA fibers degradation was evaluated to calibrate the material parameters and verify the simulation method. Simulation results demonstrated that the geometrical parameters, i.e., number of struts, curves radius and stent cells shape, strongly affect the degradation behavior. The results indicated that the smooth design leads to uniform degradation in the whole stent and decreases the danger of stent fragments separation. It was shown that the maximum degradation rate of the stents with rounded curves was one-third of the models with sharp corners.

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