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Mashayekhi, M., Torabian, N., Poursina, M., “Continuum damage mechanics analysis of strip tearing in a tandemcold rolling process”, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, Vol. 19, pp. 612–625, 2011.


Strip tearing during tandem cold rolling is one of the manufacturing issues in the rolling industry that can significantly increase production costs. In this paper, an explicit finite element code coupled with the improved Lemaitre damage model is developed to predict strip tearing in a five-stand tandem rolling mill. The simulation results are validated using experimental data from an industrial rolling mill, and there is good agreement between the numerical and experimental results. Some factors related to strip tearing, such as friction coefficient variations, thickness difference between two welded strips and reduction schedule, are introduced, and their influence on the damage evolution through the strip during the process is investigated by using damage-coupled finite element simulations.



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