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Mashayekhi, M., “Damage Models and Identification Procedures for A533B Steel”, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Journal, Vol. 5, No. 2 pp. 65-76, 2009 (in Persian).

In this paper, a method to determine the material parameters of the Lemaitre damage model from the knowledge of the Gurson model parameters is proposed. As for porosity damage, the Gurson model neglects the coupling of elasticity with damage, allowing to use the stress softening effect to make a link between both theories up to a fast identification procedure (based on the expressions of the yield surfaces of the damaged material). An experimental procedure to identify the Gurson damage parameters has been established for A533B alloy steel under stress triaxiality condition. This method is evaluated in the experimental results of A533B steel. The comparisons indicate good agreements between the result obtained by the proposed method and those of experiments.



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