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M. Yazdani Ariatape M. Mashayekhi, "Determination of the Critical Area and Reusability of Compressed Natural Gas Storage Cylinder in Collision", Journal of Applied and computional Sciences in Mechanics, Vol. 25, No. 1, 2014 (in Persian).


 In this paper, damage mechanics approach is used to investigate the effects of crash in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) storage cylinder. The Canadian Standard Association (CSA) in CNG cylinders is used as a damage detection criterion and cylinders ability to reuse. Simulation of cylinder failures caused by car crash or drop is done by Johnson-Cook damage model. Simulations are carried out in different impact directions, and the effects of cylinder internal pressure and collision velocity are investigated. The results of different cases show that the maximum damage created in vertical impact and by changing direction from vertical to horizontal resultant damage will be decreased.

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