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M. Mashayekhi, F. Dehghani, N. Torabian, M. Salimi, "An experimental and numerical study of ductile fracture of copper/stainless steel clad sheet in deep drawing process", Transactions of Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 39, No. M1, pp .77-87, 2015



This work is an attempt towards employing ductile damage criterion and finite element simulations for prediction of fracture initiation and evolution in deep drawing of copper/stainless steel clad sheets. The material mechanical properties and ductile damage parameters were determined through standard and notched tensile tests. The effect of some important process parameters on damage evolution were examined through numerical modeling and the acceptable range of variations for each parameter were introduced in order to prevent tearing of the blank during the process. The numerical predictions of deformation and fracture behavior were in a good agreement with experimental observations.

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