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Farzin, M., Javani, H.R., Mashayekhi, M., and Hambli, R., “Analysis of blanking process using various damage criteria”, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 177, pp. 287-290, 2006.


The present work discusses modeling issues of blanking processes. In this article the role of a new parameter in crack initiation called ‘Die to Punch corner ratio’ (RD/RP) is taken into account. This parameter has not been studied before. Various damage models are considered and compared, including Gurson, Shear and Goijaerts damage models. In addition, stress distributions in the die during blanking of two adjacent holes are studied. Consequently minimum acceptable gap between two adjacent holes can be obtained for various die and sheet materials, which is a valuable and to the authors’ knowledge a missing data in the die design literature. The effects of various damage criteria on the blanking parameters have been compared, which gives a better insight to the blanking process.



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