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A. Amiri-Rad, M. Mashayekhi, F.P. van der Meer, "Cohesive zone and level set method for simulation of high cycle fatigue delamination in composite materials", Composite Structures 160, PP. 61-69, 2017


This paper deals with high cycle fatigue delamination in composite materials. The cohesive zone approach along with the level set method is used to simulate fatigue-driven delamination growth. The cohesive zone method is used for calculation of the energy release rate at the crack front because of its superiority over the virtual crack closure technique (VCCT) for bi-material interfaces and non self-similar crack growth. Evolution of the crack front in 3D during fatigue growth is handled with the level set method. The damage variable in the cohesive zone formulation is changed according to the updated level set field. Benchmarks are used to evaluate the performance of the proposed approach in simulation of 3D delamination growth under fatigue loading.

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