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Jafari, Reza, Farzin, Mahmoud , Mashayekhi, Mohammad , “Effects of Strain Rate and Grain Size on Behavior of Nano Crystalline Materials”, Journal of Nano Research, Vol. 17, pp. 35-51, 2012.


Recent Experiments on Nano-Crystalline Materials Show an Increase of Strain-Rate Sensitivity in Contrast to the Conventional Coarse-Grained Materials. these Materials Also Show a Different Grain Size Dependency as Compared to Coarse-Grained Materials. to Explain these Issues, a Constitutive Equation Is Proposed which Considers Dominant Deformation Mechanisms Including Grain Interior Plasticity, Grain Boundary Diffusion and Grain Boundary Sliding. the Stresses Obtained from these Constitutive Equations Match Well with the Experimental Data for Nanocrystalline Copper at Different Strains and Strain Rates. the Model Also Well Predicts Variation of Strain Rate Sensitivity Parameter. this Variation Can Be Explained with Regard to the above Mentioned Effective Deformation Mechanisms. Deviation from the Hall-Petch Law and Inverse Hall-Petch Effect Are Also Well Illustrated by the Model.



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